Hoagies & Stogies: Dispensationalism

Hoagies & Stogies Dispensationalism came and went last Saturday, and now the .mp3 is available.

As a matter of fact, good friend of Blogorrhea, The Onomist, has made available space on his personal server for all H&S that have been recorded, and even set up a podcast with an iTunes RSS feed! Thanks, Onomist!

Any attendees (or listeners) who have feedback, feel free to drop a comment here!


3 Responses

  1. Most gracious exchange between such normally volatile positions. I enjoyed this recording thoroughly.

    Especially the final comments on engaging culture and the exhortation.

  2. Sweet! Glad you enjoyed it

    • And the rest of them I’ve got to. Excellent forum and I sure wish I’d discovered this much earlier. BUT, never too late. Awesome.

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