Hoagies & Stogies: Federal Vision (Covenant of Works)

OK folks, the .mp3s are ready! Fetch ’em from this link (or download directly: part 1, part 2). If you were there, or if you just listened to the .mp3 (or both!), drop a comment here with your reaction.

If you want to research more, I suggest you start with two articles and one “joint interview” (not quite to the level of a debate, I don’t think):

If you want to dig deeper, you will want to look into:

There are certainly many, many more resources out there.  If you want to recommend some, drop a link into a comment!


7 Responses

  1. […] Hoagies & Stogies: Federal Vision (Covenant of Works) […]

  2. Two guys that will be happy to tell you what is so wrong about FV are R Scott Clark and Lane Keister.

  3. […] Hoagies & Stogies: Federal Vision (Covenant of Works) […]

  4. […] 12, 2008 by RubeRad The FV argument I am addressing here is not one that Jacob Moya used in the CoW debate. Rather, it comes from Douglas Wilson — who is, if not the Godfather of the FV, at least a […]

  5. Hi Ruben … just a bit of help here as I was downloading some .mp3s after missing the latest HnS :(

    this link not working : “The Federal Vision in One Easy Lesson,” by Doug Wilson (2007)

    It would be nice if you could edit this if you get the chance.

    Thanks for your great blog and the fellowship/debates/greatopportuntiesforgrowth :)

    • Sorry, but it looks like that article is no longer available online. If you really want it, I have changed the link to where you can purchase the back-issue of Credenda Agenda in which it was published. Or, if you would rather not support the FV financially, maybe you get in touch with my local Visionista, and see if you can borrow his copy. I remember he showed it to me back when it was current, and I’m pretty sure he’d never throw it out.

      You can also get the idea of what the article is about from my argument against it here

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