I’m Callin’ It

T-bird tells me that my blog has too much theological fighting, and not enough family news.  So here’s where we’re at:

#3 is huge.  At 42 inches and 38 pounds, he’s off the 3-year-old chizzart!  He’s almost as big as 5-year-old #2 (who’s not exactly a midget).  And he loves to sing.  Joy To the World (two whole verses), Speed Racer (instrumental), Hungry Like the Wolf, anything he hears, he sings.  Also, in emulation of his older brothers, he is excited about learning letters.  He can recognize his or his brothers’ names, and has even been known to try to scribble his own (although his ‘S’ has about 10 bends in it!)

The biggest news for #1 is that two weeks ago, he got glasses (bifocals!).  He’s excited about his glasses because (a) he can see, and (b) he’s now like some of his best friends at school — which he also loves.  He is also making good progress on the piano, playing pieces that really sound like music!  (#3 is starting to sing some of them, from hearing them practiced so often!)

I have saved #2 for last, because he’s got the biggest news at the moment (I think).  As the title suggests, “I’m calling it”.  No, he’s not dead, but after snuggling up with him and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back last weekend, I have decided that #2 now knows how to read.  He might not be able to figure out every word, but he has crossed the threshold from painfully sounding out individual words, to stringing words together in a sentence comfortably enough to understand what he’s reading.  I told him how exclamation points mean he has to make it sound exciting, and it’s funny to see how he notices an exclamation point coming up, and will back up to the beginning of the sentence and raise his voice and read it all again.  And all this from T’s extra-curricular teaching (the same method that was so successful with #1’s homeschooling).  In no time, I’m sure he’ll be a bona fide bookworm like #1.


3 Responses

  1. Way to go, T…..I agree and am loving this bit of news about your great guys. (I hunger for it.) Way to go all of you. Wish we could see you this spring, but we’ll just have to wait until summer.

  2. I have decided that #2 now knows how to read.

    How right you are that it’s a difficult call to make. Our BG is showing indications of beginning to read, and sometimes he fools me into thinking he’s more capable than he is. While driving with his grandmother the other day he asked, “Why are there no trucks on this road?” “What do you mean?” she asked. “The sign back there,” he answered, “says ‘No Trucks.'” Exactly right: they were on a highway that doesn’t allow trucks. Astonishing to realize he can pull information about his environment from road signs. But is he reading? That’s still a way off.

  3. Yes, it’s a difficult call to make, because as you suggest, it’s difficult to define. If he were an adult, #2 would still be functionally illiterate. But what I’m talking about is the leap from being able to read, at best, individual words — to being able to read, at best, sentences and paragraphs (with help on the bigger words), so that he can follow a story.

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