Institutes .mp3

For any who might be trying to keep up with the Princeton Seminary‘s Reading Schedule for Calvin’s Institutes, here’s a helpful tip for how to download the .mp3 recorded readings for listening away from the computer.

  1. Log in to Google Reader.  If you have ever signed up for any of Google’s free services (gmail, picasaweb, etc.) then you already have a Google account that should work for Reader.  If you haven’t, you can create one for free.
  2. Once logged into Google Reader, click on the button that says “Add a Subscription”.
  3. Copy+Paste and click ‘Add’.
  4. If you click on “A Year With the Institutes”, you should be able to use the scroll bar to access all of the Institutes readings, back to the the beginning of the year. (Sub-tip 4a: Make sure you click “Show: all items” in the upper-leftish area, not just “new items”)
  5. If you open any of those posts (click on the summary bar for that post), you will see the book/chapter/sections for that reading in a bold blue font, which is directly linked to the .mp3 for that reading (the name of the .mp3 file is the date of the reading).  Right-click on it, and you can save it to your own computer.  From that point, hopefully you know how to get it onto your iPod or other .mp3 player.

If you don’t want to create a Google account, you can use this account:

    Password: calvinrocks

Then go to step 4 above.


9 Responses

  1. Speaking of Institutes mp3s… do you have the recording of Pastor Tallman’s lecture this morning?

  2. Ask, and you shall receive…

  3. For quick download of January – March entries to itunes, you can subscribe to this feed:

    On the top iTunes menu, click Advanced => Subscribe to PodCast, and paste the URL above in the box.

    It is a quick and dirty feed, so not all of the selections will come up. The file naming convention is pretty consistent, but some of the file names and titles are for different days. So rather than taking all the time to sort that out, I just made an entry for each day. Also, as of this post, not all of March has been posted, so those will come up as they become available on PTSEM’s server.

    I am downloading them now and it seems to be working. I have most of February and March in my podcast directory. For the rest, I’ll just subscribe to the regular podcast, and I’ll be set.

  4. Even “easier”, to avoid point-click downloading, I wrote a Perl script to download whatever files are available; I guess a handrolled podcast client hardcoded for this feed. I’ll be happy to share it if anybody wants it.

  5. Hey Rube, may I suggest that the next Hoagies and Stogies be a debate between paedocommunion versus credo-communion?

  6. Especially with Cornelis Venema’s new book coming out critiquing paedocommunion (out next month).

  7. Could I get the Perl script to download all the files? Thanks!

  8. No problem; watch your email…

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