Family Tidbits

A while back, Mrs. Rad rightly complained that my blog doesn’t have any family stuff anymore, just theological fighting.  Since then, even that has mostly migrated to the Outhouse — I suppose one could thus say that this blog’s gone to the crapper! So for a while I am going to try to refocus this blog on little family anecdotes — the kind of little tidbits that just fall through the cracks otherwise.  (I’m not making any promises though, that’ll get you killed!)

Saturday morning I made a quick trip to the store with #3, who was up early (earlier than the other boys, anyway).  I remarked to him how cheerful he was, especially in comparison to how grumpy he was at bedtime the night before.  “Do you remember how grumpy you were last night?” I asked.  “Yes, I was this grumpy,” he replied, holding his hand about nose-high.

We have this children’s book in Spanish called “Perros! Perros!”  One of the objectives of this book must be to teach kids how to roll their r’s.  #2’s gotten pretty good at it, but he’s gone a bit overboard.  Lately, instead of calling me “Dadda”, the d in the middle gets trilled, like “Darra”.  (He’s also very proud that he learned to snap, and he’s this close to whistling.)

On Sunday night, after some initial squirreliness, I had to sit right on top of #1 to make him pay attention in church, instead of playing the “don’t cross this line” game with #2.  And pay attention he did!  His verdict afterwards was “A good pastor, with even a very simple text, can make quite a good sermon!”  Judge for yourself!  (Or should I say Judges 10:1-5; 12:8-15 for yourself?)


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  1. In my vain attempt to keep the fighting alive and well, one pet peeve of mine is stirred up by your references at the end of your first paragraph. The group/name “Promise Keepers” has got to be the most heinous of all parachurch orgs. One staggers at the gall required to take upon oneself that appellation/role given to the Lord Jesus.

  2. Hey man, when’s the next Hoagies? Hope you’re doing well.

  3. Reminds me of us sitting in your garden enjoying the hummingbirds, and #1 lifted off into a strop. You accompanied him to bedroom cul-de-sac, and we could just hear “What’s wrong little man?” “I’m… too cranky!”

  4. DING DING DING DING (balloons) (streamers)

    Limejelly, you’re the submitter of Blogorrhea’s 6000’th comment! How fitting to have a voice from the beginning join us for this auspicious event! You win, um, this comment of recognition!

    (Sorry I didn’t reply earlier Josh, but I didn’t want to be #6000 myself — that would have been no fun! I’m doing fine, Hoagies & Stogies not exactly thriving. I have about 10 topics in mind, all of which have exactly 0 or 1 interested participants! You need to help me convince your pastor to man up and commit to one!)

    • Hehay! A prize for the heathen – will dance around the maypole in celebration. Currently watching a TV program about how we worked out that we’re made of cells, coded in DNA. It’s been hard won knowledge.

      Glad to hear that your throng is thriving. I may be at a conf in San Diego next year, so will make a point of visiting!

  5. I’m… too cranky!

    Reminds me also that I’ve been wondering how long until one of my kids will call me on the blatant Catch-22 I use on them all the time:


    “Waaah, I don’t want to go to bed!”

    “Of course you do, that whining/crying means you’re tired and cranky!”

    Of course, if they were to submit to bedtime quietly, that would also mean they’re ready for bed. I got ’em both comin’ and goin’!

  6. A while back, Mrs. Rad rightly complained

    Uhh, you let your misses complain? When is it ever right? ;)


  7. If only I were 100% sanctified like you, buddy…

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