#1 is keeping up with the 1-year bible-reading plan, and lately he’s been in Exodus. Which caused him to ask me the other day, “Why would anybody want to have sexual relations with an animal?” A braver parent might have tried to answer the question, or at least find out what concept a 9-year old might have of sexual relations. I punted, “Why would anybody want to pass their children through fire and sacrifice them to idols? There’s a lot of depraved things people do.”

What would you have said?


7 Responses

  1. Every witticism that comes to my mind just sounds wrong.

  2. I think you did a great job answering it. If he had more questions, he would have asked–you know our son.

  3. I agree. This is one of those cases where the question wasn’t really a question but an exclamation. And so your answer was perfect. Oddly, you answered a non-question question with a similar non-question question answer.

  4. Why would anybody cheer for the Raiders?

  5. Take two.

    I believe your answer is the best one theologically. It’s almost impossible to explain why people choose to stray from godliness. There are, conceivably, limitless reasons, just as there are limitless incorrect answers to the question 2+2=___.

    But for irony’s sake, I can’t resist bringing up the boilerplate explanation for sin. Why would anybody want to have sexual relations with an animal? Pride.

  6. Why do fat women wear stretch pants at the bowling alley? Why did God create tuna fish?

  7. I would suppose that they have grown more and more desperate to seek pleasure, and more and more unbelieving of God’s ordained way for doing that.

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