June Recital

Here are 2 pieces played by #2: Promenade, Spanish Caballero.

Here is 1 piece played by #1: Bach C Minor Prelude BWV 999.

#1 on top plus #2 on the bottom = an adorable 4-handed duet!


5 Responses

  1. Loved hearing the recital pieces! Wish I could have been there to clap for them in person. Having worked on some Bach preludes myself this year, I know how deceptively hard they are. Keep up the good work, boys!!

    • #1 did so well on the Bach! After weeks of struggling to memorize it (#2 memorized his solo pieces too), get the eighth-notes regular, etc. on the day it magically transformed from black dots on a page, to actual music — Bach even!

  2. Here’s a message from Karen: Great going, cousins. You make it sound easy. I love you and wish I could see you again soon. My dad says great going, too.

  3. Great Job #1 and #2!!

  4. count me there. greg lawrence

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