Logos for Hoagies & Stogies

Say that ten times fast! My buddy Court is such a great friend of H&S, not only has he opened up his house to 7! debates, he is an excellent graphic designer, and has come up with a few possibilities of an official logo for Hoagies & Stogies, so I can get some business cards made. I’m always running into guys and telling them about H&S, so I’m really looking forward to having something to hand out whenever the need arises — especially because I know that with Court’s skills, it will look great!

So at this point, I am stuck with an embarrassment of riches. Below are four potential logos Court has come up with (five, if you count the reversed version of the second). You can click on any one for a full-res look at it. Help me choose the best! Vote for your favorite in the poll (after waiting for it to load…), and drop a comment to say why you like it.

I’ve never done this built-in poll thing, but let’s give it a whirl. The poll should appear here:


5 Responses

  1. 5040 debates? *toot-toot*

  2. Love ’em. The shield is great for T-shirts or even challenge coins. And maybe stickers for the car!


  3. The shield is nice but the “&” isn’t necessary IMO

    • You got a pretty sweet shield yourself there! I agree, the shield wins! (And actually, I think the ampersand is the best part!) I especially like the ampersand inside #3. But diff’rnt (brush)strokes, I guess…

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