H&S: Roman Catholic Baptism

Here’s the audio from last night’s Hoagies & Stogies, on the topic of The Validity of Roman Catholic Baptism, with Pastor Ray Call in the Pro and Pastor Roger Wagner in the Con.

Here are the .mp3:

Everyone there had a great time. Give the mp3 a download and have a listen!

If you want to read more about this topic, you might start here on this blog. Here’s a link to the report to the 1987 PCA GA. If you want to learn about the Donatist controversy, you could start here, and if that’s not enough, try here. Here’s another link you may find useful.

And of course, look out for great events at Hess brewing; check their website or their Facebook page for more details:

  • Fri Sep 16: F. A. C. (Friday Afternoon Club) with live music, and discounts if you bring your Hess glassware.

Here’s something new, I’ve started to get suggestions to have a post-op poll afterwards, to see what people thought of the debate. So here’s three questions for you…

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  2. […] of the Hoagies & Stogies we had a few years back on The Validity of Roman Catholic Baptism (see here for audio, and the following two posts for discussion). I embolden some parts that I found […]

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