H&S: Rapture

OK gents, a big crowd of 70 men showed up on Saturday night to hear about the Rapture. New pastor Ben Rochester, and our guest Peter J Vik (adjunct prof. Greek, Bible at SDCC) had a very stimulating discussion.

I apologize for the quality of the audio; I think the wind coming off the canyon was messing up the mics on my recorder. But I think if you listen close, you can still hear everything.

Three announcements:

Mark your calendar for Sat 8/25, the expected date of the next topic, Images in Christ in Worship. Watch the H&S homepage (or your email) for further details.

If you are looking for a Reformed church, be sure to visit Pilgrim Presbyterian, and receive God’s word from pastor Ben Rochester.

And if you are looking for BEER, be sure to visit the tasting room at Hess Brewing. In addition to regular tasting room hours, this Friday (15th) is FAC #13, with special musical guest, Blues master Robin Henkel.


6 Responses

  1. Hi!

    The server for downloading H&S audio isn’t working.
    Possible I could get some of the files? I am interested in listening to some of them.


    • Yes, there are some older H&S that I know the audio links are broken. I’ve been procrastinating about taking care of that until somebody complained. And here you are! I’ll be working to republicate them over the next few days. Or if you want a particular one sooner, I can email you directly.

      But you should have no trouble accessing the audio for this H&S on the Rapture, right?

  2. Email me for questions regarding veritas press. Thanks!

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