Middle/High School Ultimate in San Diego?

Imma shout this question out to the internet: Does anybody know about the Ultimate scene among high and especially middle schools in San Diego county? Any coaches, parents of players, school administrators, etc.?

Ultimate is a small, superior, and too-little-known sport, that I think would be a great match for my kids’ small, superior, and too-little-known school. Just this year they have instituted a fledgling sports program, introducing cross country, basketball, and soccer. I wanted to try to get Ultimate in on the ground floor as well, but the school (understandably) doesn’t want to devote energy to a sport for which there is no local league to participate in. So to try to get a jump on possibilities for next year, I’d like to try to research what else is out there.

Right now the school’s highest grade is 7, next year it will be 8th; so for now I’m looking for other middle schools that have any kind of ultimate program or even club. In the longer term, I would want to connect with other high schools, but for now that doesn’t help me.

For what it’s worth, I bought Essential Ultimate (Baccarini/Booth), and I think it does a great job of laying out fundamental skills and teaching strategies for the pre-college level. (For coaching college, I think you’d probably be better off with the “other” book, Ultimate Techniques and Tactics (Pinarella)). I did have the opportunity last school year to teach ultimate to the 5th-6th graders for about 6 weeks, plus hold a couple after-school games at a park (but I didn’t pull anything together this year) and I think I have a good group of kids to form a team.

Light the Night

So the event we’ve been training for all fall has finally come and gone. All of our bodies traveled a distance of 5k (3.12 miles); can you guess who was not transported under his own power?

The Year of 10,000 Push-Ups

I’m overweight. I haven’t weighed myself for quite a while, and I’m a little scared that my weight might not fit in 8 bits.

I toyed around with a goal of getting my weight down to 220 by my 40th birthday (Jul), but really what it’s all about is not weight so much as function and shape. That is to say, I want to be able to play a good hard game of ultimate without huffing & puffing the whole time, and I’d rather have huge pectoral muscles (insert voice of Ren Hoek here) than moobs.

So instead of focusing on the single value of weight, which is the effect of a large number of difficult-to-control input variables, I thought I’d set a more concrete goal, one that I’d have more control over. As you no doubt realize from the title of this post, that goal is to do 10,000 push-ups this year.

The push-up is widely recognized as the single best all-body exercise:

The push-up is the ultimate barometer of fitness. It tests the whole body, engaging muscle groups in the arms, chest, abdomen, hips and legs. It requires the body to be taut like a plank with toes and palms on the floor. The act of lifting and lowering one’s entire weight is taxing even for the very fit. … “It takes strength to do them, and it takes endurance to do a lot of them,” said Jack LaLanne, 93.

I chose the number 10,000 because it’s a nice round number which sounds really impressive, but it shouldn’t actually be that hard to attain. Even though I’ve missed the whole first month of 2010, what’s left divides out to only 30/day. So the challenge is really more tortoise-y than hare-y. As a matter of fact, I expect that as I grow stronger, 30/day will become quite easy. Even this morning I initiated the challenge by busting out 20, and here’s a training plan that advertises six weeks to 100 in a row. And hey, this kid only took a few hours! So, barring injury, the goal should stretch to 15,000 or 20,000.

As an aid to accountability, I’ve created a public spreadsheet to track my progress. I’ll be posting periodic updates (1,000-push-up milestones, goal adjustments, etc). I invite you all to check on my progress and heckle me as appropriate.

Ankle bone connected to the…

So way back on April 18, I sprained my right ankle playing ultimate. Now that’s the first time I ever sprained my right ankle, but I have lots of experience with left ankle sprains, and this one was different. So three weeks later, I finally buckled and went to see the doctor, who told me that my (lack of) progress was not unreasonable, and he didn’t think I need bother with an X-ray.

It is now nearing 5 months after the injury, and the sprainagerfoot.jpg is obviously long gone, but I am still getting sharp twingy pains on the inside (seems to be bone), if my ankle is in just the right position, with just the right pressure. In the mornings especially, it is extra stiff, and I have to limp for a while until it warms up. So I finally went back to the doctor to get an X-ray. The doc (different doc) agreed that I needed an X-ray, said the X-ray would probably not reveal anything, and she would refer me to a podiatrist. The cool thing is, the best way to deliver my X-rays to the podiatrist is for them to burn me a CDROM, and I can bring it with me.

So what do you think?


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