Hoagies & Stogies: Death Penalty

Here are the recordings from last week’s Hoagies & Stogies: Death Penalty:

  • Part 1: Debate (1:05:55, 16MB)
  • Part 2: Audience Q&A (26:55, 6MB)

Thanks so much to Dr. Ron Gleason and Don Lowe for their spirited discussion! Everybody had a great time.

Don’t forget to check out Dr. Gleason’s book Death Penalty on Trialit’s available for a discounted price from the publisher this month.

Also, don’t forget to check out the new tasting room at Hess Brewing’s new digs in North Park (see here for hours and directions).

And finally, don’t forget to send in your ideas for potential speakers for this growing list of topics

Hoagies & Stogies: Just War MP3

Come and get it! .mp3 for the Hoagies & Stogies: Just War and Iraq is downloadable here:

  • Part 1: Intro and both opening statements (50:55, 9MB)
  • Part 2: Rebuttals and closing statements (22:31, 4MB)
  • Part 3: Audience Q&A (45:04, 8MB)

Inside Out

Listening to NPR’s coverage of the Supreme Court’s recent hearing of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban on the way home from work yesterday, I realized (to my surprise) that I am against the ban.

Go to hell, you baby-killer!

Day Without a Cohesive Message

I don't know if the "organizers" of today's "Day Without an Immigrant" activities knowingly borrowed their title from the movie "A Day Without a Mexican" (see also the short film by the same director, especially the user comment at IMDB), but it appears that they do share the same self-defeating premise. Continue reading

I Was an Illegal Immigrant

My buddy Shaquille A. Hayford (the A. is for Albino) has posted his perspective on the current immigration debate. Now before I link you over to his post, Continue reading