This is the place where I manage stuff that I would like to maintain a little family privacy over. It’s not really too restrictive; anybody that knows me and my family personally is welcome, and if you can’t figure out the password, drop me a comment anywhere, and I’ll probably send it to you.

So here goes; the password is the first initials of all members of my immediate family, from oldest (me) to youngest, all lower case.

Link to password-protected page

Also, I’ve moved some pages around, under here, so they’ll be out of the way (and not show up as tabs on the front page).   They are obsolete, and will soon be passing away: To-Blog, CalvinLaw.

2 Responses

  1. Video footage of my “blog daddy”, Ruberad, was uploaded this morning. It is on a birthday tribute to my brother, in the second video

  2. he people my name is maddie im new here

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