Hoagies & Stogies Needs

This is a list of Hoagies & Stogies topics we might do in the future. For many of them, we have somebody interested in doing one side of the debate, so we need a man for the other side. If you are interested in manning the helm for any of these topics (or know someone who might be), then drop a comment below, or email hoagiesstogies@gmail.com, or contact pastor Brian Tallman.

  • RC/Sola Scriptura: Need for Sola Scriptura
  • RC/Apostolic Succession: Need for and against
  • Eastern Orthodoxy (specific topic TBD): Need against
  • Government paid/run military chaplains: Need for and against
  • Harry Potter: Need against
  • The office of apostle/continuing revelation: need against
  • Intinction: need for and against
  • Deaconesses: need for and against
  • Is/was US (founded as) a “Christian Nation”? need for and against.
  • Public Schools: need sinful and permissible
  • Inerrancy: need conservative and liberal (Enns?)
  • Open vs. Close(d) Communion: need both.
  • Weekly vs. Infrequent Communion: need both.
  • Christian Divorce and/or Remarriage: need for and against.
  • N. T. Wright & NPP Justification: need for and against.
  • Alcohol & tobacco (Christian liberty): need for and against.
  • Marijuana (Christian liberty if legalized): need for and against.
  • Should Christians celebrate Hannukah? need for and against.
  • Church government: need two- and three- office.
  • Church government: need Presbyterian and Congregational.
  • Women’s head-coverings: need For and Against
  • Republication: need For and Against
  • Presuppositional Apologetics: Need Against (Evidentialist?)

26 Responses

  1. Hi Rube, I will be happy to do the *against* side on the paedocommunion debate. :) Count me in! :)

    • My husband is an alcoholic in denial and loves your hoagies and stogies. Thank you for your support for your weaker brothers in Christ. Your emphasis helps him to justify his non-moderate consumption of alcohol. Why don’t you address the topic of what moderate drinking is? I think you are more concerned with your freedom in Christ than righteous love. Coincidentally, my husband is exquisitely crafty and doesn’t drink when he is with you all.

      • Ouch! I good discussion of the WCF on the topic of Christian Liberty might be in order Luther & the White Horse Inn notwithstanding.

      • Brian Scott heard of this post and is taking it seriously and would appreciate hearing from you on this matter. If you don’t have Brian’s contact info, please contact the church office.

      • I will contact Brian Scott.

      • I have gotten in touch with Brian Scott, he is interested in contacting you. May I share with him the email address that you originally commented with? (It is not visible to the open internet, and since you posted as “Anonymous”, and since this is a sensitive issue, I want to protect your privacy)

      • “Neither fornicators, nor idolaters . . . nor drunkards . . . will inherit the kingdom of God” (I Cor. 6:9, 10) Following this and other texts, Luther forcefully preached against drunkenness throughout his ministry.

  2. I’d be willing to debate against the death penalty and for congregational church government.

  3. I would enjoy a good discussion of the so called New Perspectives. I have had a hard time getting a satisfactory understanding of what the issues are.

  4. Is/was US (founded as) a “Christian Nation”?
    Yes, of course! Doesn’t that excite some people now?
    I intend to persuade that the U.S. is/was founded on Christian principles and thus may be rightly understood to be a “Christian” nation.
    Gary P.

  5. How about whether Christians can put their children in public schools? I’m against.

    Ed Hale, MDiv
    Executive Director, Christian Life Academy
    a Private School Satellite Program

  6. I’d like to see a debate on apologetics: presuppositional versus classical, evidential, or cumulative case.

  7. […] Don L. on Hoagies & Stogies Nee… […]

  8. Hi Rube, have you thought of doing an H&S on peccability vs. impeccability of Christ? That would be an awesome one! I may even be interested in participating in that one…

    Also, as discussed, feel free to count me in as a speaker on the *against* side of the Eastern Orthodoxy debate, and feel free to count me in as a speaker on the *open communion* side of the open vs. close(d) communion debate.

    Thanks again brother for Hoagies and Stogies!! :)

  9. I’d love to do one defending presuppositional apologetics as well, having written such curriculum for my school and teaching such to the students. :)

    • Yeah, that sounds fun, I just added it to the list. Problem is finding an anti-presup for the other side. Do you know anybody? If Manata ever swings through town, maybe we could set up a debate over whether Presupp. ‘proves’ Christianity specifically, or just Theism generally? I’ll shoot him an email.

  10. Hi Rube, I wouldn’t mind debating one of the Biola professors. I won’t debate Manata though, as I’d probably get crushed. :)

  11. Josh won’t debate me because he doesn’t like me. :’-(

    I don’t think “presupp” or “tag” *proves* Christianity in particular or theism in general. ;-)

  12. I would welcome a Biola prof, but I wouldn’t be able to welcome him with an honorarium, which might make it not worth their effort to travel. Are there any profs at Bethel that might do?

  13. I think Scorgie teaches the apologetics course at Bethel. Juan Cortez teaches apologetics at Southern California Seminary, and has his MA in apologetics from Biola.

  14. Thx; Scorgie is a H&S vet, he did the Ordination of Women debate and had a great time. I’ll have BTall reach out…

  15. I would be willing to be AGAINST/SINFUL public schools…
    Ed Hale, MDiv
    President and Executive Director
    Christian Life Academy

  16. ……I’d also be happy to do the weekly position on frequent communion, and a thought…..perhaps one on strict vs system subscription? I’d be happy to defend the strict side.

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