A Man…

A man should be able to tell when he just has a dead battery, and not have his car towed to the dealership to get bent over for $200 for a $60 battery.

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Sunday Stuff

What a busy weekend; mowed the (in places) knee-high "grass", weed-whacked, trimmed back ground-cover plants that were spilling over large areas to become concrete-cover, changed the oil in Homer (the Honda Odyssey), changed the wiper blades on Elmo (the red VW), plus the usual church stuff.

In Sunday School, I burst the bubble of half a dozen 8/9 year olds. Continue reading

Finished Tile

It’s been probably a month now, but since I have some pictures of the finished tile handy, I thought I’d post them. Continue reading

A Bad House Day

Whatever happened to the late-90’s expression that swept the nation: “I’m having a bad hair day”?  It seems to have dropped out of our national lexicon (reader challenge: what other recent faddish expressions have fallen by the wayside?).  Anyways, we had a bad house day. Continue reading

Tile guys

So I’m working up a giant post on Infant Baptism (which I’m sure will settle the question once and for all).  Hopefully it will be ready for release soon, because it’s going to be a very busy week, with tile being installed in our house (from the front door to the hallway, including the kitchen, dining, bathroom, and under the bar: about 300sq ft), and me going on travel (two days of flying for one day of meetings, plus I will get to meet The Forester’s baby!  If I don’t get it done on time, it will have to wait for next week, I’m sure.  Maybe I’ll publish my draft in whatever state it’s in before I travel, so I can come back home to plenty of flames!


Last night I fixed the sticking front door that has been gradually getting worse ever since we bought our house. It was so easy, I thought I’d share because others probably have the same problem.  Continue reading