Hoagies & Stogies

What is Hoagies & Stogies?

Hoagies & Stogies is a men’s fellowship for reformed, theological debate; it was created by one of my elders before he was an elder. When he was ordained, he got too busy, and he gave the reins of the ‘ministry’ to me. Men gather for a simple meal of hoagies, with home-brewed exquisitely craft-brewed beer, or soft drinks. After a while, we all refill our glasses, and those who are so inclined light up their best stogies and kick back and enjoy a theological debate. But if you are not a smoker (like me), or not a drinker (or not both!), you are still welcome. (You can consider it your mission to ensure that Christian liberty is exercised with due charity!)

What/when/where is the next Hoagies & Stogies?

  • TBD

What’s in the future for Hoagies & Stogies?

Why don’t you go find out?

What were the previous Hoagies & Stogies?

Most recent and on back, with links to post-debate discussion/audio when available…

Note that occasionally, a speaker was acting as devil’s advocate, so not everybody listed can actually be credited (blamed) for a doctrine just because they are listed here.

What are the rules of Hoagies & Stogies?

  • Hoagies & Stogies is a men’s fellowship; please don’t bring any female-type people.
  • The cost to all but H&S officials is a low $7 to cover the cost of food and beer.
  • Bring your own Stogies, pipes, or other smoking materials, if desired.
  • All smoking (and debating) will be outside, so also bring your own lawn chairs (and jackets).
  • Affirmative RSVPs are mandatory (negative RSVPs optional), to ensure sufficient food. I will accept RSVPs all the way up to the day of, so never feel that it is too late to get in on the action!

What is the format of Hoagies & Stogies?

  • Men gather at 5pm on the specified Saturday night, and start eating. When everybody is settled with a sandwich, a chair, a stogie, and a beer (or any subset thereof), we proceed with:
  • Moderator’s opening statement (5-10min): Define relevant terminology, explain the issue, establish scope, precisely state the agreed-upon question.
  • Opening statements (20min ea): each debater argues positively for their own position
  • Rebuttals (10min ea): each debater argues negatively against their opponent’s position
  • Closing (5min ea): each debater gives a 5 minute summary
  • Break: submit questions, refill glasses
  • Q&A: Debaters address submitted questions as a panel discussion.

What if I have something to say about Hoagies & Stogies?

If you want to RSVP, or have questions or suggestions for upcoming topics or debaters, just drop a comment right here, or send an email to hoagiesstogies@gmail.com, and we can talk about it.

12 Responses

  1. Comments cleared out to accept RSVPs for H&S: Death Penalty

  2. Looking forward to the death penalty debate!! For my Logic class, my students and I study and debate this issue for a whole unit. It’s going to be intriguing!

  3. I plan to attend. Thank you for hosting these; I have enjoyed each one. Joe McAndrews

  4. My husband is an alcoholic in denial and he loves your venue of “hoagies and stogies.” Thank you for your emphasis that neglects to consider your weaker brothers in Christ! My family suffers through this trial daily. I believe that you are more interested in your freedom in Christ than righteous love that serves your brother. Why don’t you all tackle the topic of what moderate drinking is or what a Godly husband and father is. You want to tickle each other’s fleshly intellect.

    • I don’t exactly know how to respond to this. I don’t want to be dismissive, but I certainly don’t want to have this sensitive conversation with you in these comment boxes. I am open to having a H&S on the topic of alcohol and/or tobacco (it is listed on the needs page).

      You did leave an email address behind your comment (it is not visible to the internet and I will not disclose it to anyone); I can contact you offline by email if you want to discuss privately. Or you could just send me an email directly at this same username (RubeRad) at gmail dot com.

  5. Howdy Rube, perhaps in 2014 I’d be willing to defend the “open communion” side in the open/close(d) communion debate. :)

  6. And, I have debated Eastern Orthodox folks before as well, so, depending on the topic within the debate, I’d be interested in doing the “against” side, possibly in 2015. :)

  7. Looking forward to being there!

  8. Hey Rube, how bout a H&S on apologetic method? I would be honored to defend the presuppositional method! :)

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